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Mobiquity, Inc.: Florida Storms

An Android Application for the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network
Florida Storms Image

This application was developed for the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network. The application provides access to all Florida Public Radio live streams, as well as weather maps and emergency notifications. I was one of four Android developers on this project while employed at Mobiquity, Inc. in Gainesville, Florida. You can download the application in the Google Play Store.

Visual Composition App

An iPad App to Teach Graphic Design Skills

Completed as a Thesis Project at the University of Florida, the Visual Composition App aims to teach the basic skills of visual composition by emulating the studio classroom structure. This includes elements of instruction / demonstration, hands-on practice, and critique. This project was developed entirely in native Objective-C, and relies heavily on Apple's SpriteKit framework in execution. The app was tested by 8 user testers with direct observation, and the results compiled into a final thesis document.

Six Degrees of Transportation

A Data Visualization using Processing & Processing.js
Six Degrees of Separation Image

This project was developed for's Global Marathon 2012. The project won Best Interactive Entry, and was shown at Florida Gulf Coast University's New Media / New Blood exhibit in August 2013. Given 48 hours, I designed and executed the front-end UI using Processing, and deployed to the web via Processing.js. My partner in the challenge, Chad Juehring, completed back-end development and data processing. View the project here.

Haptics in Nanotechnology

Title Design & Motion Graphics

The HapNan Project is an NSF-Funded interactive learning experience, aimed at increasing scientific literacy about nanotechnology, as well as increased understanding of the metric system. I created the 'Metric Introduction' video, as well as designed the titles, captions, textual overlays, and 'Learning Moments' seen throughout the game.

Photo Reel: Brazil

Web Design, Photography, & Narrative
Photo Reel Image

Given an opportunity to explore web design, I wanted to use some personal images and stories to create a more interesting way to browse photographs and explore a location. In the process, I played with the difference between older polaroid-style photos, seen on the left, and modern, high-resolution DSLR photos (displayed when the 'polaroid' version is clicked). See the full page here.

O'Connell Center App

An iPhone/iPad app, written in Objective-C

This app is being developed for the Stephen C. O'Connell Center (UF's athletic and entertainment facility) and provides event, contact, and location information. It was started in January 2013 and is still in development. In its current state it generates random data and placeholder icons, but when fully functional, will read data directly from a web server. There will also be added customizations for the iPad interface. The source code is available on Github.


Leaf Underside – Bluewater Island, Vanuatu Python – Belo Horizonte, Brazil Jenny Westcott – Micanopy, Florida Signs of Life, Filipe Costa, Brittany Powell (Projections) – Gainesville, Florida Chair on the Mississippi – Mill City, Minneapolis, Minnesota Cristo Redentor – Urca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Footbridge – Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis, Minnesota Fifer Welch – Safety Harbor, Florida Cactus Flowering – Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Colonial Gold Mining Town – Ouro Preto, Brazil
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